Increasing demands on quality control and product characterization require metrological innovation. We develop metrology solutions for research and production. These include inspection of components, analysis of surface topographies and accurate alignment for precision equipment. Our systems feature accurate positioning functionality, high-quality signal processing and AI-supported image analysis.


non-contact, high-speed, turnkey.

Metrological innovations continue to enhance measuring accuracy and provide new analysis options for challenging product features. Examples include optical non-contact, high-speed measurements and 100% automated inspections. We design and manufacture innovative metrology systems, such as 2D and 3D measuring machines, optical scanners and automated inspection stations. We deliver high-end setups for the lab as well as turnkey systems for industry. For extracting maximum information from data and images, we develop smart analysis algorithms.


“we specialize in optomechatronics and AI-based image analysis.”

In our measurement systems, we combine our mechatronics expertise of accurate, sub-micron movement and positioning with our in-depth knowledge of optical metrology. This we supplement with AI-based image analysis. Our solutions include the measurement of aspherical and free-form optical surfaces, particle measurements and inline measurements in micro-machining systems and 3D printing systems.

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